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The Metabolic Institute was founded by a physician and nurse with over 50 years of combined experience in health care. It is supported by an advisory board that includes physicians specializing in sports medicine, orthopedics, respiratory physiology; physical therapists; exercise physiologists; athletes; personal trainers; and representatives of the business community.

We are a clinic operated by a staff who cares about you and are dedicated to help you improve the quality of your life.  Created out of passion for optimal health and well-being, we understand and practice fundamentals of health, proper nutrition, fitness, and balance in life.  We offer these principles and more to our clients so they too can experience well-being.

At The Metabolic Institute we are able to assess your metabolic profile at rest, during exercise and through laboratory tests. Metabolism being dynamic and unique as a fingerprint, determines how your body responds in life. We specialize in anti-aging, regenerative, functional medicine, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, metabolic testing, VO2 Max, Lactate threshold, thyroid therapy, and gastrointestinal therapy.

Clients come to us because we care and they want to get healthy and feel better.  Athletes come to us because they want to attain their personal best by training smarter, not harder.

If you are seeking to enhance your health and/or physical performance along with balance and harmony in your life, the Metabolic Institute knows how to support you in taking the first step.

It is imperative to know how your metabolism works in order to train effectively, achieve and maintain ideal weight and have optimal energy... more >


Kids need functional medicine too....learn more>


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Debbie J. Judd, NP-C has been awarded Diplomat status after completing a two-year Fellowship program in the Clinical Sciences of Anti-aging, Regenerative, and Functional medicine. The Fellowship program is offered through the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine organization. Learn more...

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