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The Metabolic Institute is dedicated to supporting your journey to health and wellness. We provide Free Towne Hall meetings with varying health-related topics in an effort to educate our community on cutting-edge medical perspectives.

We also offer Medically-Supervised Cleanse Programs designed to detox your body from sugars, processed foods and allergenic triggers, i.e. eggs, gluten, dairy, soy.

We continue to build new programs that support our client and community needs and desires so stay tuned and let us know if you have any special interests.

Join nutrition and wellness experts from the Metabolic Institute for a thirty minute, interactive, in-store shopping event at My Fresh Basket. Learn about ways to keep your summer snacking healthy and fresh, and get a discount to use in the store that evening. This is a free event.

Thursday, July 27 at 5 PM - 5:30 PM at My Fresh Basket,1030 Summit Pkwy, Spokane, Washington 99201
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